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My voice has ‘everyman versatility’, which basically means that I can relate to a wide range of audiences.

With a warm, rich, precise, and ‘peer-to-peer’ vocal quality, my neutral UK accent creates trust, while my soft Australian accent is ideal for prestige or warm conversational reads. Of course, I’m not afraid to ramp up the Londoner in me for a more edgy, rough-around-the-edges delivery, or character work. So far in 2021, I’ve voiced all Sydney FC’s ads on Nova 96.9 and a couple of documentaries for Nat Geo – I love the variety and range of work I get to do!

My voice skills go beyond short commercials. I’ve also worked on a wide range of explainer videos and e-learning modules, along with radio imaging for iHeartRadio (AU) and the Australian Radio Network. I’ve worked on animations for kids (as you’ll see in my main visual voice reel on this page) and documentaries as diverse as blast fishing to the untold secrets of the Rolling Stones. In the player just under this block of text, there are five of my current demos showcasing my commercial work, documentary/long-form narration and even a reel in French… feel free to have a click through.

Yannick Lawry
Australian Podcast Awards Voice

Beyond Our Earth 2021
Wildbear Entertainment – UK Accent


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