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Studio Under the Stairs
Setting the stage
for others to shine

Studio Under The Stairs literally started life under a staircase at my place in Redfern.

Working as a VO for the last 15 years in the UK and Australia, I would record my own voiceover jobs for global clients under the stairs and started helping out actor friends who wanted to produce their own voice reels using the same studio.

As more and more friends and even commercial clients began to land big voiceover jobs, sign with Australia’s best agents or choose to record their projects in my studio, I decided to move Studio Under The Stairs to a new prime location on the corner of Pitt and Redfern Street.

I now offer coaching, voice reels, and free Break into Voiceover workshops. The studio is also available for hire for your next project or campaign. From passion projects to high-end commercial jobs; we love them all. The studio is longer under the stairs, but we’re a friendly, warm, and results-focussed environment where you can comfortably succeed. So come, grab a cuppa with us and let’s work together to make your personal goal or project really pop!

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