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Yannick’s current TVC campaigns include Berocca (FR 2019), Kelloggs (GLOBAL 2019), HEC Paris (FR/UK 2019), Hello Fresh (UK/AU 2018-19), Hotels Combined 2015-2017 (UK), Sunsilk (AU), Kip McGrath (UK), Child Fund (AU), Chimu Adventures (AU) and many others. Radio imaging for iHeartRadio (AU) and the Australian Radio Network, plus regular corporate and e-learning reads for Westpac, Land Rover and Deloitte across Asia-Pacific. Yannick has also been heard extensively throughout Australia on commercial radio (2GB, smoothfm 95.3, Nova 96.9).

With a warm, rich, precise and ‘peer-to-peer’ vocal quality, Yannick can inspire trust with his neutral UK accent.

Yannick’s flawless, soft Australian accent is ideal for prestige reads; although his speciality lies in ramping up the Londoner in him for a more street-wise sound!

For a warm conversational read with impact, book Yannick today.

Yannick Lawry:

giving your campaign

warmth and impact 

New campaign – Winter 2019 – Kellogg’s

As a trained actor, Yannick responds well to direction and lends his voice credibly to the subtlest of campaigns through to the hardest of sells. Recent credits can be heard (and seen) in the video and audio clips below. Take a listen to his significant body of work…

Yannick Lawry

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Yannick Lawry VO Rate Card – 2020

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